• Wyandotte Caves in Indiana are among the many oldest-known prehistoric mines, with Native People mining aragonite for 1000’s of years.
  • The caves are open for excursions in the summertime, and guests ought to gown warmly because the caves are a relentless 52°F.
  • The caves are house to quite a lot of wildlife, together with bats, cave salamanders, and crayfish, making it a novel and interesting attraction.

Native American civilizations all through the Americas have been largely Stone Age and with out the know-how to smelter metals. Mining isn’t generally related to Native People, however the fact is way extra difficult.


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It seems that the Wyandotte Caves have been mined by Native People for 1000’s of years. Here’s what to find out about touring these historical caves and how one can take a tour.

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Uncover The Wildlife Of The Wyandotte Caves In Indiana

The Wyandotte Caves in Indiana are house to cave life, largely bats. A few of these bats are endangered, and the caves are operated to assist protect the cave’s residents. This text was up to date and expanded with data on the animals that decision the caves house.

What To Know About The Historical Wyandotte Caves In O’Bannon Woods State Park, Indiana

The Wyandotte Caves are among the most historic caves identified in Indiana

Cool10191, Public area, through Wikimedia Commons

Wyandotte Cave entrance signal, Indiana

  • The Wyandotte Caves include two limestone caverns in Indiana’s Harrison-Crawford State Forest.
  • These caves are protected within the O’Bannon Woods State Park.

The Wyandotte Caves are two limestone caves positioned in southern Indiana’s Harrison-Crawford State Forest. They’re a well-liked vacationer attraction, have been a Nationwide Pure Landmark since 1972, and are protected within the O’Bannon Woods State Park.

The caves are a part of one of many largest cave techniques in Indiana, and there are two Wyandotte Caves that individuals can go to. The 2 caves are fully completely different from one another, and they don’t seem to be related. The Wyandotte Caves began to type round two million years in the past within the limestone that varieties a lot of Southern Indiana’s bedrock. This space was as soon as a shallow sea many eons in the past throughout the Mississippian epoch.


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Wyandotte Cave is legendary for its massive rooms and its lengthy open passageways. One of many essential points of interest within the cave is Monument Mountain. Monument Mountain is considered the world’s largest underground ‘mountain’ standing 41 meters or 135 ft excessive.

The cave additionally has loads of helictites and the tallest stalagmite on this planet (referred to as the Pillar of the Structure). Siberts Cave, or Little Wyandotte Cave, has stalagmites, columns, flowstones, and stalactites to find. Definitely, exploring the Wyandotte Caves is likely one of the most awesome things visitors can do in Indiana.

Are The Wyandotte Caves Closed In Indiana?

The Wyandotte Caves are open to the general public after being closed

  • As of 2023, the Wyandotte Caves are open for touring.
  • They have been closed between 2009 and 2016 resulting from white-nose syndrome killing the bats.

No, as of 2023, the Wyandotte Caves in Indiana are open for excursions. In 2009, the development of white-nose syndrome (WNS), a illness that kills bats, prompted state officers to shut the Wyandotte Caves to shut till 2016.

This was eight years of zero guests, which helped get the white-nose syndrome outbreak underneath management within the state. As a result of the caves host many bats, any time there’s a scare, park and state officers should act quick.

An outbreak of white-nose syndrome sparked the 2009 closure of the Wyandotte Caves. Nevertheless, they’ve been open and actively permitting guests since 2016.

Nevertheless, fast-forwarding to current occasions, the Wyandotte Caves are protected and open for guests. Contemplating this can be a common vacationer and native attraction in Indiana, it is comprehensible that after they closed, everybody was shocked.

One of many points with pure points of interest is that when one thing occurs out of human management, the positioning usually has to shut for a time period to replenish or keep contained. Underground locations like caves are inclined to breed moisture and different micro organism that may grow to be lethal when left unmanaged.

Cool10191, Public area, through Wikimedia Commons

Inside of Wyandotte Caves, Indiana, USA

There have additionally been calls of concern concerning the caves’ structural integrity through the years, though it’s deemed protected as of current. The Wyandotte Caves have been designated as a Nationwide Pure Landmark since 1972, so it is protected to say they’ve survived the check of time. That stated, there may simply be one other difficulty contained in the caves, inflicting a closure to happen.

It is a good suggestion to examine the official website for the attraction earlier than heading over to make sure they’re open to the general public for touring.

What Is The Finest Time Of Yr To See The Wyandotte Caves?

Come in the summertime to go to the Wyandotte Caves and unlock their secrets and techniques

  • Summer season is commonly considered the very best time of 12 months to see and tour the Wyandotte Caves.
  • As a result of these caves shall be cool inside, carry a light-weight jacket to the attraction.

Relating to the ‘greatest’ time of 12 months to return to see the Wyandotte Caves in Indiana, that is summer time. One motive for that is that in summer time in Indiana, the climate should not be too uncomfortable to move out to those superb caves.

In response to previous friends, the Wyandotte Cave excursions lengthen to the weekends/extra time slots throughout summer time, as that is the situation’s busy season. Subsequently, it would grow to be extra crowded within the afternoons right here, so strive waking up early!

Aerial view of the Wyandotte County Lake Park
Picture by Lectrician2 distributed underneath a CC BY-SA 4.0 license.

Aerial view of the Wyandotte County Lake Park

Typically, there will not be 1000’s of individuals ready to get contained in the caves, however throughout vacation weekends or particular occasions, there could possibly be a couple of hundred. The tour for this specific cave is round two hours, so make sure that and pack accordingly. Throughout hotter seasons, it could be higher to carry water, snacks, and a towel to dry your sweat throughout the hike.

Even within the spring, winter, or fall, it is a good suggestion to have loads of water and snacks for a day at Wyandotte, because it’s out in nature and friends typically expertise fast adjustments in local weather.

The Wyandotte Caves: A Prehistoric Mine In America

The Wyandotte Caves are house to one of many oldest-known prehistoric mines

  • Native People as soon as used these caves as shelters way back to 8,000 BC.
  • There’s stated to be a non secular significance in these caves.

Native People have made use of the Wyandotte Caves for 1000’s of years. They might have been used for so long as 4,000 and even 8,000 years. Carbon courting of among the artifacts recovered from the caves has proven that there was human exercise within the space since way back to 8,000 BC.

Illuminated Cave formations

Wyandotte Caves, Indiana

The traditional Native People used to enterprise into the caves with torches made out of hickory bark and grape vines. They mined these caves for aragonite (a carbonate mineral). Aragonite was used of their necklaces, chert, and pipes.

Through the excursions of the caves, guests can see the stays of their historical mining actions within the caves. It’s surreal to see human exercise within the mines that will stretch again lengthy earlier than the Pyramids of Giza have been constructed.

The Europeans sourced saltpeter for gunpowder from the mines. Guests additionally see early American mining historical past within the mines from round 1812. The caves have been solely found by Europeans in round 1798.

What To Know About Planning A Tour Of The Wyandotte Caves In Indiana

Select from a choice of guided excursions of the Wyandotte Caves

The Wyandotte Caves are open to the general public seasonally throughout the summer time. Guests ought to carry one thing heat as each caves are 52 °F (11 °C). They’re one of many oldest business caves within the USA (since 1850).

Cool10191, Public area, through Wikimedia Commons

Wyandotte Caves in Indiana

The Wyandotte Caves are closed for the season and can reopen for summer time. The excursions are provided on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and holidays from Memorial Day Weekend by Labor Day Weekend.

Little Wyandotte Cave Tour

The Little Wyandotte Cave Tour is straightforward and open to all ages. On the tour, guests see many flowstones and dripstones. The excursions are provided at 10 am, 11 am, 1 pm, and a couple of pm, Fridays to Sundays.

  • Period: 30 to 45 Minutes
  • Issue: Simple
  • Price: $8 Aged 12 And Over

Huge Wyandotte Cave Tour

The Big Wyandotte Cave Tour is rugged and the tougher one, with the chance to see uncommon formations alongside the best way. Sights embrace gypsum, epsomite, helicities, prehistoric flint quarries, and the “Monument Mountain.”

Individuals have to be in good bodily well being for this 1.5-mile underground tour and be capable to traverse steep terrain and plenty of stairs.

  • Period: 2 Hours
  • Issue: Simple
  • Price: $18 Aged 12 And Over

Guests have to be aged 6 or over, and the excursions are provided at 11 am and 1 pm on Fridays to Sundays. Guests additionally have to stroll throughout a decontamination floor to mitigate the specter of fungal spores that trigger White-nose syndrome in bats.

The largest cave in the world is considered to be Son Doong Cave in Vietnam.

Wildlife Of Wyandotte Caves Of Indiana

See the bats and different cave wildlife within the Wyandotte Caves

The Wyandotte Caves is house to quite a few cave-dwelling species (most famously bats). Over 20 identified animal species dwell within the caves, together with cave salamanders, bats, crayfish (uncommon), and crickets. There are bones of bigger animals discovered within the caves, suggesting that different wildlife has lived within the caves up to now.

The Bats Of The Wyandotte Caves:

Bats are probably the most notable residents of the Wyandotte Caves with 9 species identified to name the caves house. The commonest bat within the caves is the Indiana bat or Myotis sodalis (which can also be endangered). The Indian bat is a medium-sized mouse-eared bat that weighs 0.16–0.34 oz.

Bat hanging upside down in a cave
Picture by Ferran Ventura on Unsplash

Bat hanging the wrong way up in a cave 

The cave closes to the general public throughout the winter months (from the start of November to the top of February) in an effort to guard the bats. They don’t seem to be very seen in the summertime months.

Different Species Of Wyandotte Cave:

One other resident of the Wyandotte Cave is the cave salamander (a typical look within the caves). These are sometimes seen on the mouth of the caves.

The fish within the wider cave area across the Wyandotte Caves are blind cavefish. The Wyandotte Caves appear to be too dry to help a lot of a inhabitants of cavefish.

Vacationers can see many creatures in particular person whereas touring the Wyandotte Caves, and it is effectively price visiting.


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