• Many historic Roman buildings, together with amphitheaters and pyramids, have been remodeled into defensive fortifications throughout the Center Ages (AKA Medieval instances).
  • The Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome was fortified and remodeled into the Castel Sant’Angelo throughout the twelfth century.
  • The Arles Amphitheater in France and the Amphitheater of El Jem in Tunisia have been each fortified as defensive buildings within the fifth century and throughout the Center Ages.

The Romans built many long-lasting monuments, together with theaters, amphitheaters, bridges, pyramids, and different buildings. Because the safety of the empire declined, many of those have been fortified (some Roman structures were incorporated into the Aurelian Walls), whereas others have been fortified throughout the Center Ages.

Listed here are ten historic Roman monuments that have been remodeled into Center Ages defensive buildings.

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The Amphitheatrum Castrense, Rome

Ancient Castrense Amphitheater on the Aurelian Walls

Historical Castrense Amphitheater on the Aurelian Partitions

The Amphitheatrum Castrense was a big Roman amphitheater in historic Rome (the Colosseum wasn’t the one one). It was half of a giant imperial palace advanced and was constructed early within the third Century. However safety within the empire quickly deteriorated, and it was integrated into the Aurelian Partitions.

The Aurelian Partitions have been used to defend Rome when it fell after which all by means of the Center Ages to the 1800s.

  • Date Constructed: 218-222 AD
  • Date Fortified: 271-275 AD

Mausoleum Of Augustus, Rome

The Sant´Angelo Castle view from afar, Rome, Italy
Picture by Angelo Casto on Unsplash

The Sant´Angelo Citadel view from afar, Rome, Italy

The Mausoleum of Augustus is the massive tomb constructed for the Roman Emperor Augustus in 28 BC. It’s now one of many nice Roman ruins in Rome right this moment, and it reopened to the general public in 2021.

Through the Center Ages, it was fortified as a fort and was remodeled into the Castel Sant’Angelo.

  • Date Constructed: 28 BC
  • Date Fortified: twelfth Century

Arles Amphitheater, France

Arles Amphitheater in Southern France

Arles Amphitheater in Southern France

The Arles Amphitheater in Arles, France, is likely one of the greatest preserved Roman amphitheaters and is likely one of the best historic Roman points of interest within the nation.

It as soon as had a capability for over 20,000 spectators and was used for contemporary occasions and Roman reenactments. It grew to become fortified within the fifth century as Rome fell, and a city sprang up in it.

  • Date Constructed: 90 AD
  • Date Fortified: From fifth Century

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Area Of Nimes, France

Nimes Arena aerial panoramic view

Nimes Area aerial panoramic view

The Area of Nimes is one other excellently preserved Roman amphitheater in France (in Nimes). It had a capability for round 24,000 spectators. It has been restored for contemporary public occasions and Roman re-enactments (together with bullfights).

It was fortified within the fourth century as Rome weakened and once more within the twelfth century.

  • Date Constructed: 100 AD
  • Date Fortified: 4th century & twelfth century

Amphitheater Of El Jem, Tunisia

The Amphitheater of El Jem, Tunisia
Picture by Aaron Spray

The Amphitheater of El Jem, Tunisia

The Amphitheater of El Jem is one of the largest and most stunning amphitheaters. It has been UNESCO-listed since 1979 and is likely one of the greatest Roman stone ruins nonetheless standing right this moment. It has a capability for 35,000 spectators.

It was used as a fortress within the Center Ages, with information of individuals sheltering there in 430 from the Vandals and in 647 from the Arabs.

  • Date Constructed: Circa 238 AD
  • Date Fortified: Antiquity & Center Ages

Pyramid Of Cestius, Rome

Pyramid of Cestius with Ancient Walls

Pyramid of Cestius with Historical Partitions

The Pyramid of Cestius was built as a tomb for one Gaius Cestius (it’s a form of copycat of the Egyptian pyramids).

It was in-built 18-12 BC and is likely one of the best-preserved Roman ruins right this moment. It was additionally integrated into the Aurelian Partitions and was, due to this fact, a part of Rome’s defenses for the total length of the Center Ages.

  • Date Constructed: 18-12 BC
  • Date Fortified: 271-275 AD

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Nomentano Bridge, Rome

Ponte Nomentano over the river Aniene

Ponte Nomentano over the river Aniene

The Nomentano Bridge is one of the most beautiful historic bridges in Rome. It was first constructed by the Romans and was destroyed a number of instances in wars however was all the time rebuilt.

It’s notable for the massive medieval bridge tower – a Center Age fortification added later.

  • Date Constructed: Roman Interval
  • Date Fortified: 772–795 & 1447–1455

The Colosseum, Rome

Colosseum lit up at night
Picture by Pexels on Pixabay 

Colosseum lit up at evening

The Colosseum itself was fortified within the Center Ages. The Colosseum is the most important historic amphitheater ever constructed and was constructed throughout the Flavian dynasty. It had quite a few makes use of over time (e.g., a small chapel was constructed into it within the late sixth century).

In round 1200, the Frangipani household fortified it and used it as a fort, however it was largely deserted by the mid-14th century.

  • Date Constructed: 72-80 AD
  • Date Fortified: Circa 1200

Piazza dell’Anfiteatro, Italy

Aerial view of Piazza dell'Anfiteatro

Aerial view of Piazza dell’Anfiteatro

The Piazza dell’Anfiteatro within the Italian metropolis of Lucca is constructed on an previous Roman amphitheater. It had the capability for round 10,000 spectators and was fortified throughout the Gothic wars and the Siege of Narsetes. Homes have been constructed within the previous construction.

These homes constructed on the sector have been eliminated, whereas these constructed on the amphitheater partitions nonetheless stand right this moment – it’s a exceptional sight.

  • Date Constructed: 2nd Century
  • Date Fortified: Antiquity & Center Ages

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Roman Theater At Bosra, Syria

Theater at the Ancient City of Bosra

Theater on the Historical Metropolis of Bosra

The Roman Theater at Bosra was constructed exterior of the partitions of the previous Roman city of Bosra in Syria.

Through the Ayyubid interval, the fortifications of the city have been expanded, and the theater was built-in into the fortifications. It was one of many largest theaters of the Roman Empire (with a capability of round 17,000).

  • Date Constructed: 2nd Century
  • Date Fortified: Medieval Interval


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