early appointment for us student

Getting US pupil visa interview dates in Nigeria has develop into an issue for a lot of intending/potential college students making an attempt to check in the USA of America. It has led many individuals to defer their admission and a few have misplaced their admission within the course of. In case your resumption date is getting shut, the earliest you may get the date, the quicker you can begin the applying course of.

Getting an early US appointment date requires the suitable timing and in addition making certain you’ve gotten all the necessities. 

US Early Appointment date

Lagos or Abuja for US pupil Visa Interview dates

Individuals typically ask which is healthier for an early US appointment date, Lagos or Abuja? Though Lagos appears to have extra visitors than Abuja, nonetheless, from expertise, you want to be open to the 2 choices. Typically, dates could also be accessible in Lagos and never in Abuja, whereas different occasions, dates could also be accessible in Abuja and never Lagos. This is among the the reason why you ought to be open to both of the 2 choices. 

Want Assist Reserving Early interview dates in Lagos or Abuja

After making an attempt all the information listed above and you don’t appear to get an early date or in case your date is getting too shut and you don’t want to threat shedding your admission. 

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Why You Want An early USA Scholar Visa Appointment Date

Because the pandemic, college students have been having points getting early appointment dates for the US embassy. Relying in your resumption date, you want to get an early interview date weeks earlier than the resumption date. That is to make sure you have sufficient time to guide the earliest potential date.

The Don’ts of the US Scholar Appointment date

1. Don’t guide a date when your resumption date has handed. In case your resumption date is August 26, don’t guide dates after the resumption date, for those who do, your possibilities of visa denial are excessive. 

2. Don’t over refresh the appointment web page, refreshing the web page too many occasions may result in your account being blocked for as much as 72 hours. 

3. Don’t enter fallacious info. 

Causes for US pupil Appointment Date Shortage 

There are such a lot of causes for US Appointment date shortage, these are among the causes:

1. Covid 19: Since Covid 19 began in 2020, it has created shortage, it is because most individuals that have been imagined to go for an interview in 2020 have been rescheduled to 2021. Additionally, this has brought on so many backlogs.

2. Extra individuals making use of to the US: With the present state of affairs in Nigeria, there appear to be extra individuals making use of to the USA of America. Extra persons are making an attempt to relocate to the US and contemplating migrating to the US by the US examine visa route. 

3. Faculty Resumption date is shut: The resumption date for most faculties is quick approaching. It has led to the late hour rush inflicting many college students to be searching for an appointment date.

4. Too many individuals making an attempt to get a restricted Date: There appear to be extra individuals making use of for a US visa appointment date than ever. We now have so many individuals competing for a restricted spot.

Price of US Visa Receipt 

The price of a US pupil visa is 67,200 Naira. It will probably solely be bought from GTB/GTCO financial institution. It may both be finished through the app, web banking or GTBank Department.  

US Early Appointment date visa fee

US Scholar Visa Expedited Date

When you need assistance Reserving the US embassy expedited date for pupil visa, kindly attain out to us.

 US Scholar Visa Obtainable Appointment date in Nigeria

Getting the earliest US early appointment date will be tasking. What is offered on the US appointment date is often not beneficial. Due to this fact, getting the earliest appointment is the one method to meet up with resumption.  

early appointment for us student

To get the earliest date, it’s all the time higher to begin your utility on time to keep away from the frenzy. Make sure you begin processing your admission months earlier than the resumption date. Additionally, look out for updates on the embassy websites. Typically they provide precedence to a pupil visa. That is often introduced on their web site.

What’s US Scholar Visa Appointment Wait time in Nigeria?

Proper now, the US Scholar Visa appointment wait time is about 6 to 10 months. To keep away from the lengthy wait, it is best to begin searching for the appointment date on time.

The place Are you able to Ebook the Earliest date?

Reserving an early US visa appointment date will be finished on the appointment profile, which will be assessed at www.ustraveldocs.com 

  • When you create an account, fill in your private info 
  • Enter the MRV receipt and different necessities
  • Ebook the earliest date 

Ideas for Reserving US early appointment date 

  • Begin your utility early
  • Begin looking for a date instantly after you begin your DS160
  • Make sure you get your I20 and pay to your SEVIS charge on time
  • Test the web site daily for an early date
  • Test at odd hours 
  • Be open and check out Lagos and Abuja concurrently 
  • Make use of the service of an expert

Requirement for Scholar Visa Interview in Nigeria

When searching for an early pupil appointment dates in Nigeria, you want to guarantee you’ve gotten the next doc:

A accomplished DS160: One of the crucial vital paperwork is a completely accomplished DS160 type. A DS160 type is a web-based type the place you enter details about your self, your causes for visiting the USA and different associated details about you.

Information web page of your Worldwide passport: One other vital doc is your passport. It is vital for 2 causes. It’s the doc by which you can be recognized, secondly, it’s the doc the place your visa might be stamped. 

Visa Charge receipt or MRV Receipt from GTB: The MRV (Machine Readable Visa) receipt quantity is a non-refundable fee you make to the USA embassy to buy the US visa. It has a novel quantity which you’ll connect to the appointment profile that can allow you to guide a date. With out the MRV receipt, you cannot guide an appointment on the US portal. You’ll be able to solely buy this from GTCO financial institution previously GTBank. 

Permitted I-20: The I-20 is extra like proof of admission. It’s verifiable proof that you’re being enrolled on a faculty in the USA. The establishment typically points it to the potential pupil. 

Receipt of i-901 SEVIS charge: SEVIS is an acronym for Scholar and Alternate Customer Program (SEVP) SEVIS I-901. It’s a obligatory charge that’s paid by all worldwide college students learning in the USA of America. This charge can’t be paid in Nigeria, you want somebody residing overseas that can assist you make the fee.

Passport {Photograph}: One other requirement is a duplicate of your passport {photograph}.

Find out how to catch The early Scholar Visa Interview dates in Nigeria 

Want Assist Reserving Early interview dates 

After making an attempt all the information listed above and you don’t appear to get an early date or in case your date is getting too shut and you don’t want to threat shedding your admission. 

Want Assist Reserving Early Appointment Date? Kindly contact Travelwaka  

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